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Salchicha Huachana


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Gone are the days of simple and boring breakfasts. Salchicha Huachana Peruvian pork sausage is the perfect addition to your morning meal. Commonly served with scrambled eggs and a side of toast, this easy to cook sausage will add protein and flavor to your dishes. Simply remove the casing to scramble the stuffing with eggs and serve in a warm, toasted bun. This product can be cooked on the grill, skillet or oven and should be served hot and fresh.

Weight 12 oz
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(3) 12oz


Pork, water, garlic, curing salt (salt, sugar, dextrose, sodium nitrite), yellow peruvian chile (aji amarillo), annatto, paprika, spices, sodium erythorbate.


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Salchicha Huachana
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