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For over 30 years Mr. Tango Sausages has been producing Argentinian style sausages handed down from original family recipes. Today our family business produces a variety of latin sausages and delicacies sold around the U.S., Caribbean, and Central America.

We are proud to produce top quality and genuine flavor products. As manufacturers, we make all our products to order, guaranteeing fresh and natural ingredients.

Fresh pork picnics

Never frozen

Sourced from USA



No fillers or enhancers

No additives

Guaranteed 60 days shelf life

No artificial colors


Born in the country known for barbecue and tango, Ricardo Presa began his journey of producing sausages in Argentina in the 1950s. Throughout his life, he worked at butcher shops, where he grew his love for working with meats. In 1981, he moved his family to the United States and began making sausages from his home, selling to local Argentine restaurants in South Florida. When he noticed there was a market for his products, he founded Mr. Tango and became the first Argentinian-style sausage in the South Florida retail market in 1985. Due to the growth of different cultures, product styles were expanded and the company name was changed to Special America’s BBQ INC in 1995.


Today, our family legacy lives on as we continue to operate, passionately crafting dishes from the original recipes envisioned by Mr. Tango himself. These recipes aren’t just ingredients; they’re a living connection to our roots, a flavorful reminder of the love and dedication infused into every dish.


Family tradition
on your table

We are a family business that strives to preserve heritage by spreading the roots of various recipes through products that evoke the warm feeling of family.

product quality

Mr. Tango prides itself on providing its distributors and buyers with the highest quality products, from manufacture to sale

Diverse and
delicious options

We offer a wide range of sausages, each of which tells the culinary history of several Spanish-speaking countries.


Today, at Mr. Tango Special America’s BBQ, we make a variety of sausages and Latin delicacies that are sold in the United States, the Caribbean and Central America.

And, in the future, we look forward to serving every family that wants to fill their table with quality, love and tradition.

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