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Morcilla Argentina 40 oz


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Mr. Tango Argentinian Blood Sausage, also known as morcilla, is a key component to the Argentinian asado (barbecue). Rich in flavor, this keto-friendly sausage is made with pork fat, blood, onions, and a variety of spices stuffed in an all natural casing. Although it is mostly consumed as part of a BBQ, it is also great for breakfast with eggs and buttered toast, or alongside a plate of mashed/baked potatoes for a filling dinner. This product is heat treated and required minimal cooking. Be sure not to over heat, as the sausage may burst from its casing.

Weight 40 oz


Cured pork skin (cured with salt, sugar, dextrose, sodium nitrite), beef blood, pork fat, wheat flour, spices, salt, sodium lactate, sodium (d) acetate.

Contains Wheat Flour


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Morcilla Argentina 40 oz
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