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Doña Juana Longaniza Dominicana

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There are many ways to serve and enjoy Doña Juana Dominican Longaniza. It makes a great snack, dinner, lunch and even breakfast! This gluten free pork sausage contains Dominican spices and sour orange, giving it a taste of its own. Made using fresh pork picnics, simply fry the longaniza, simmer in tomato sauce, or cook in a rice dish for a flavor that will make everyone at the table happy and satisfied. Cook on a grill, skillet or oven and serve hot and fresh.


Pork, sour orange (orange and grapefruit juice (from concentrate), xanthan gum, preservatives (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and sodium metabisulfite), citric acid, and orange oil), curing salt (salt, sugar, dextrose, sodium nitrite), garlic, flavoring, sodium erythorbate.