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Our Story

Since founding Mr. Tango, our mission has been to provide the highest standards of product quality, consistency, and service. As a result, we continue to implement ways to improve our products, safety, and productivity, and develop new flavors and styles of products.

Our Founder

Born in the country known for BBQ’s and tango, Ricardo Presa grew his love for the meat industry while working at butcher shops in his hometown in Argentina. In the early 1950’s, Ricardo began perfecting his craft, that one day would unknowingly make his American dream come true.

In 1981, Ricardo moved his family to the United States, settling in South Florida. While finding ways to provide for his family, Ricardo turned one of his hobbies into a business, and began producing and selling sausages from his home to local Argentine restaurants. When he noticed there was a market for his products, he founded Mr. Tango. It then became the first Argentinian-style sausage in the South Florida retail market in 1985.

Why the name “Mr. Tango”? Aside from making sausages and grilling, Ricardo loves to dance and listen to tango, the Argentine cultural genre and social dance.

A New Generation

Today Ricardo Presa enjoys his retirement while some of his children and grandchildren own and operate the company. He frequently visits the production facility in Miami and gives ideas for new product development. For this reason, we are dedicated to continue his legacy of manufacturing high quality products. Unlike other brands, we do not use scraps of meat or fillers/additives to make our products, instead we pride ourselves in using fresh pork picnics, natural ingredients and original recipes created by Mr. Tango himself.

Pictured from left to right: Maria Ruiz (oldest daughter), Ricardo Presa, Ricardo A. Presa (oldest son), Alejandra Presa (youngest daughter).

new horizons

Due to the growth of different cultures in the U.S., product styles were expanded. In 1995, the company name was changed to Special America’s BBQ INC to better represent the broad market. Today, Special America’s BBQ owns various trademarks, Mr. Tango® being the most popular. Its line of products includes styled sausages from over 10 countries which are sold around the U.S., Caribbean, and Central America.